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2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited

2010 Electra Glide® Ultra Limited

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2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited
2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited
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Chester's Harley-Davidson
2010 Electra Glide® Ultra Limited

by Kirk Johnson
March 2010

MSRP as tested $24,699

2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited


2010 Electra Glide® Ultra Limited
Engine Rubber Mounted 103 cu. or 1690cc HD Motor
Engine Torque 102 ft. lbs. @ 3,500 rpm*
Transmission 6-speed Cruise Drive
Fuel System Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Primary Drive Chain
Final Drive The New Carbon Fiber Belt
Brembo, Dual Caliper in front
Single in back

Contrast Chrome, 28-spoke Cast Aluminum

Tire Size
Front 130/80B17 65H
Rear 180/65B16 81H

26° / 6.69 in.

Dry Weight

857.7 lbs.

Seat Height 30.7 in.
*They never quote HP. I find the *103 ft. lbs a stretch. That reading is more than likely at the crankshaft. If you put these bikes on a Dyno – you will not see any numbers like these at the rear wheel. The numbers are from the Harley-Davidson Web site.

About the Bike;

If you like touring, you will love the Ultra Classic.  It is a true touring bike fit for a king.  If there is anything that I would want to include, to improve this great machine, it would be to add little things like liners in the saddlebags for easy packing and removal of travel items and as always, I need a little more power than what is offered by the stock touring models.  Plus, it would be nice to have ABS brakes and heated grips along with a more comfy seat and maybe a custom, two color paint job to set it off and make it stand out in traffic.

The engineers at Harley-Davidson must have heard me.  They created a true dream machine, the FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited.  This is one awesome complete package.  They just took a really great motorcycle and made it better.  WOW, I was impressed with this little unit.  Well, maybe it is not too little, but this package caught my eye and it has all the goodies that I would want for a two wheel touring machine. 

First and foremost, the little 96 cubic inch twin was punched to 103 inches and now boasts 102 ft. lbs, up from 92.6, at 3500 rpm.  What I really like about that, it comes from the factory punched and along with that they have upgraded the exhaust to 2-1-2.  The 2 to 1 exhaust will help with the performance while at the same time you still have the duals sticking out under the new injected-molded GTX saddlebags.  They also included ABS Brakes and heated grips to keep your mind off the mechanics of getting there so you can focus more on the touring experience and great ride this Ultra Limited offers.

Then after a long day of touring and you decide to bed down for the night, they have included fitted leather luggage liners featuring dual zippers and side pockets for quick-to-reach items on the saddlebags and the tour-pak.  Also note the tour pak includes a luggage rack and on the inside it has a 12 volt receptor to charge the portable devices while on the run.

To set off this solid touring vehicle, and enhance the curbside appeal, they also included the two tone paint job and topped it off with the great looking Black and Chrome 28 spoke cast aluminum wheels for the 17-inch front tire and 180 mm rear tire.  And of course the Ultra Limited comes complete with full instrumentation, stereo am-fm radio, CD player, cruise control and on and on.  What more could you want? 

Test Ride;

Having ridden most of the Harley Davidson touring bikes in the past, I pretty much knew what I was getting into.  Not having the time to spend days on the road with this magic carpet, I did want to spend some time with it around the local area.  And yes, as always, I was impressed with this Ultra Limited.

What set this apart from most of the other touring machines was the 103 inch engine and the heated grips.  It’s early March and there is still an abundance of chill in the air.  I started out with gloves on and found that the heated grips really come through the gloves and keep the hands very warm.  Just out of curiosity, I took the gloves off to see if they would still keep my hands warm.  To my surprise, they worked great.  In fact, I never put the gloves on again.  I always thought that the wind would cancel any warmth you could get from the grips.  The combination of the heated grips and the batwing fairing made for a nice toasty naked hand experience.

One common thread that you will find in most of my Harley-Davison touring bike reviews is that they always seem to need a little more power.  Even after the upgrade to the 96 inch v-twin several years back, my recommendation still remained the same.  They need more power.  With the bike loaded down and bags full and you sitting there in-between the legs of your soul mate, the time you spend in the passing lane on a two lane road was painfully too long.  Then comes along this 103 inch factory engine with over 100 ft lbs. of torque, and you have a winner.  This is just the right amount or the entry point of what I think should be the standard engine.  Still, more would be better.

While on the highway and in that nice easy going 6th gear, you still have enough power to pass on the four lane roads without down shifting.  You would still want to grab a couple of gears on the two lane road if you ask me.  While in town, I found the little extra power made starting up from the lights to lane changing effortless.  Best thing about that extra torque is that it comes from the factory as standard on the ultra Limited and they have it peaked out right in the middle of the RPM range.

Last year when they upgraded the frame and swingarm to make them much stiffer and stronger has in my opinion made the ride a lot more solid.  By that, I don’t mean as in a rough ride, but a ride that is more predictable and almost sporty.  Contacting bumps in the middle of a corner are now diminished to a small distraction instead of wallowing around the lane while trying to pay attention to the line you originally started to take.  In fact, it actually seems a little sportier as you can attack the corners with confidence that was never really there with the older bikes.  Please keep in mind that this is still a touring bike.

Overall this is one great package.  If you are in the market for a touring bike, look no further.  This combination of accessories and power, make this one of the really sweet spots in the Harley-Davidson lineup.  Not only is this a very functional package with all of the items that I would have on my dream list, they made this ride a head turner with the wheels and two-tone paint and user friendly with the bag liners and heated grips.  I’m sold.

Ride Safe,


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