2008 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob ™
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Harley Davidson Fat Bob

2008 Dyna Fat Bob

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2008 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob ™
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Hacienda Harley-Davidson
2008 Dyna
Fat Bob

by Kirk Johnson
Jan 2008

MSRP as tested $15,125

About the Fat Bob™

2008 Dyna Fat Bob
Engine Rubber Mounted 96 cu. or 1584cc HD Motor
Engine Torque 91 ft. lbs. @ 3,125 rpm*
Transmission 6-speed Cruise Drive
Fuel System Electronic sequential Port Fuel Injection
Primary Drive Chain
Final Drive The New Carbon Fiber Belt
4-piston front and 2-piston torque-free rear caliper

Front & Rear; Silver, Slotted Disc Cast Aluminum.

Tire Size
Front 130/90B16 67H
Rear 180/70B16 77H
Rake 29° / 4.5 in.
Dry Weight
669.7 lbs.
Seat Height 27.1 in.
*They never quote HP. I find the *91 ft. lbs a stretch. That reading is more than likely at the crankshaft. If you put these bikes on a Dyno – you will not see any numbers like these at the rear wheel. The numbers are from the Harley-Davidson Web site.

Wow, this is a really great new Dyna®. Just walking up to and looking at the all new Fat Bob™, I knew this was going to be a fun ride. At first inspection, I noticed the big fat front 16” 130mm front tire along with the Twin headlights and as you glance towards the rear there are the drag bar handle bars, Tommy Gun exhaust, a new seat shape and the rear bobbed fender that highlights this new creature. They have made some really great, and for Harley, bold changes for this entry in the Dyna® line of motorcycles.

Other nice appointments that set this Dyna® apart from the rest of the line are the dual calipers with braided cables on the front and the black powder coated engine. This may be one of the first Harleys that doesn’t need a lot work with aftermarket accessories to set it apart from the rest of the crowd. Of course, I would always suggest a stage one upgrade for performance, although the stock double barrel Tommy gun exhaust looks great just the way they are.

I did notice that the exposed rear shocks looked a little different than what I am used to looking at. They are full metal jacket rear shocks w/hand adjustable preload. Sounds like a great idea, but I was unable to change the settings on the shock with my hand. I guess there must be a wrench that fits the shock, not sure.

I was impressed with the great new looks, but how does it perform on the road?

Test Ride

First thing that I notice when I boarded the new Fat Bob was that as I turned the front wheel, it seemed a little heaver to turn then most bikes. But that was no surprise because of the big 130mm asphalt grabber on the front to lead the way. With the push of a button, the engine came to life with that signature shaking that is so familiar with the Harley rubber mounted engines. But as soon as I engaged the clutch, it was as smooth as any Harley produced.

On a personal note, the front controls were a little stretch. If I had my preference, I would have opted for the mid controls that they offer for this model. I really like how they designed the seat. With the low 27” seating, you feel like you are more part of the ride, then just sitting on it. When stopped, I can even put my feet flat on the ground with my knees bent. And when running down the highway without a windshield, there seemed to be very little wind distraction.

With the deep pockets of torque, it was fun powering around corners. It was about as stable as any ride that I have been on, with the exception of maybe the V-rod in the Harley lineup. To me this is a real solid sport kind of ride. No, it was not meant to carve out canyons, but with the casual ride through the canyons, you feel very comfortable. Braking was as expected, smooth, solid and dependable without any surprises.

I love the 6th gear. I have to admit, for some reason, this Fat Bob™ seemed a little spunkier then some of the other Harley’s. On Ramps were fun, not inspiring, but it had plenty of pep to get you to the merge area at just about any speed you want. After you find a comfortable speed, it is nice to grab number six and settle in for a very smooth low RPM cruise. I would have no problem spending a day on this fine machine. From riding down back highways to interstate cruising or just running around town.

This is one of the gems in the Harley line for 2008. This is a great looking machine right from the start. Personalizing this machine should be easy and relatively inexpensive. You, as with most Harley’s may want to upgrade the performance. Handling, looks and price, place this ride among one of the best motorcycles Harley has to offer in my opinion. To make better friends with your passenger, you may want to upgrade the seat for a more comfy fit. This is a must ride to check out.

Ride safe,


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